Factsheet: Rules on import of sugar

Rules on import of sugar

Key Information
This Regulation amends Decree of the Minister of Industry and Trade No. 527/MPP/Kep/9/2004 on rules on import of sugar. Amendments have been made to articles 7 and 13 which specify the milling seasons, periods in which it shall be allowed to import plantation white sugar, the price of plantation white sugar, etc. Decree No. 527/MPP/Kep/9/2004 makes provision with respect to the importation of sugar. The main objective of this Decree is to control the supply of sugar as raw material and consumption originating from the import so as to create self-sufficiency in sugar and enhance competitiveness and the income of cane farmers and sugar mills. To reach this objective, the Decree prescribes technical and commercial requirements on imported sugar, both raw and refined. In particular there are detailed provisions on the requirements concerning import companies. The Decree contains the following sample forms: Recognition to refined sugar producer importer (Attachment I); Import realization controlling card (Attachment II); Appointment as approved importer of plantation white sugar (Attachment III).
Regulate agricultural commodities and international trade of sugar.

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