Factsheet: Agricultural Act of 2014 BIOBASED MARKETS PROGRAM

Agricultural Act of 2014 BIOBASED MARKETS PROGRAM

Key Information
SEC. 9002. BIOBASED MARKETS PROGRAM Require reporting of quantities and types of biobased products purchased by procuring agencies; and promote biobased products, including forest products, that apply an innovative approach to growing, harvesting, sourcing, procuring, processing, manufacturing, or application of biobased products regardless of the date of entry into the marketplace. Also the Department of agriculture shall conduct a study to assess the economic impact of the biobased products industry. Forest products laboratory coordination: determination whether products are eligible for the ‘USDA Certified Biobased Product’ label, the Secretary (acting through the Forest Products Laboratory) shall provide appropriate technical and other assistance to the program and applicants for forest products.
Rules for agricultural practices. Stimulate biobased materials.