Factsheet: Trade defence measures (Reg. 597/2009 & 1225/2009)

Trade defence measures (Reg. 597/2009 & 1225/2009)

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The EU supports businesses wanting to import into the EU by providing clear facts on the rules and requirements for importing into the EU. The EU applies trade defense measures such as anti-dumping measures, anti-subsidy measures or safeguards when EU industry is harmed by dumped or subsided imports. Some examples of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties: - biodiesel from USA (2009-2014); - biodiesel from Argentina and Indonesia (2013-2018); - bio-ethanol from USA (2013-2018); - fatty alcohol & blends from India, Indonesia and Malaysia (2011-2016); - okoumé plywood from China (2004-2018); - ...
Protect the EU industry from dumped or subsidized imports.

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