Factsheet: NREAP


Key Information


The overall target for the renewable energy consumption in 2020 has been set by the Energy strategy up to 2030, thus harmonising the provisions of the in force legislation in the Republic of Moldova, as 20% Renewable Energy Sources (RES) contribution to the energy consumption, the sectoral targets being set equal with 10% RES in electricity (RES-E) and 10% RES in transport (RES-T), thus resulting in 27% for heating and cooling (RES-H&C). The overall ESR target of 17% and the ESR-T target of 10% represent obligations resulting from the membership as contracting party being set by Decision D/2012/04/MC-EnC of the Ministerial Council of the Energy Community. The Draft Law on promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources consolidates the objective of Republic of Moldova to act towards implementation of Decision D/2012/04/MC-EnC. According to this Plan, the electricity from renewable energy sources will be generated mostly from wind power starting from 2016. Wind power generation will be partially complemented by the electricity produced from biogas starting from 2015, as well as by the existing small-scale hydropower production (which contributed with circa 2% of renewables in the energy balance and generation mix in 2009). Conditioned by an increase in the equipments' competitiveness, the photovoltaic solar technology will also contribute to the generation of power by the end of the decade.

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