Factsheet: Forestry Act 2014

Forestry Act 2014

Key Information


An Act to make further and better provision in relation to forestry, to provide for the development and promotion of forestry in a manner that maximises the economic, environmental and social value of forests within the principles of sustainable forest management. The Forest Service of the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine is responsible for ensuring the development of forestry within Ireland in a manner and to a scale that maximises its contribution to national socio-economic well-being on a sustainable basis that is compatible with the protection of the environment. Its strategic objectives are: 1. To foster the efficient and sustainable development of forestry; 2. To increase quality planting; 3. To promote the planting of diverse species; 4. To improve the level of farmer participation in forestry; 5. To promote research and training in the sector; 6. To encourage increased employment in the sector. The Forest Service supports the forestry sector through a range of incentives to: 1. support afforestation using a range of tree species, 2. facilitate the development of the processing sector; 3. train forest owners to manage their forests.
promote sustainable forestry

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