Factsheet: Electricity market regulation on grid connection

Electricity market regulation on grid connection

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Electricity generated by renewable energy plants must be given priority transmission. According to the regulations in place, new grid capacity will be offered through a tendering procedure where required. Plant operators are contractually entitled against the grid operator, Enemalta Corporation, to the conclusion of a connection agreement. Plant operators are entitled to connection to the grid after they have obtained a licence from the Malta Resource Authority (MRA) (Art. 4 LN 166/2011). Electricity from renewable energy sources is granted priority connection. (Art. 13(4) LN 166/2011). This regulation is linked to Directive 2009/72/EC concerning common rules for the internal market in electricity , Directive 2005/89/EC concerning measures to safeguard security of electricity supply and infrastructure investment, Article 16 of Directive 2009/28/EC on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources.

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