Factsheet: Electricity Certificates

Electricity Certificates

Key Information
Introducing the trade of certificates and a quota system; obliging electricity suppliers to purchase certificates. The Act aims to promote electricity from renewable sources through a quota system. In general, all renewable energy generation technologies are eligible for the quota system (Chapter 1 § 2 No. 2 Act No. 2011:1200). The following conditions apply to all renewable energy generation technologies except hydro-power plants: If a plant's electricity output has been increased following an investment that took place after 2006, only the additional output is eligible (Chapter 2 § 8 Act No. 2011:1200). Electricity certificates may be awarded for energy generation from existing plants for which certificates were issued before only if the plant was extensively renovated or other investments were made in the plant that give reason to consider it a new facility (Chapter 2 § 9 Act No. 2011:1200). The requirements for such investments are specified in § 7 Regulation No. 2011:1480.

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