Factsheet: Regional strategy 2040 and the implementation of the regional strategy 2014-2017

Regional strategy 2040 and the implementation of the regional strategy 2014-2017

Key Information
Regional strategy is a legally binding document, it includes both long term vision (vision 2040) and the implementation in short term (regional implementation 2014-2017). Long term development and the targets are described for year 2040. Short term specific targets are identified for years 2014-2017. This includes also most relevant projects and other actions for the overall development of the region. It also describes those actions that are most relevant in perspective of funding. The vision of the region is “Central Finland is a prosperous, international region. Knowledge, especially in bioeconomy and digital economy creates wellbeing.“ BIOECONOMY Vision 2040: Knowledge in agriculture and forestry, sustainable and diverse use of renewable raw materials and the technologies enabling this are the strengths of the region. Local, sustainable production of energy increases the local economy. Clear water and water technologies create new business. Local, clean food has big markets also internationally. The development of bioeconomy is based on smart utilization of the natural resources. The sector has a leading role in export.
Goals 2014-2017: - Strong, export driven and diverse , sustainable bioeconomy - High level in refinery and refinery technologies - Local renewable energy share is 50% of the total energy consumption Strategic choices: o New bio based products and the machinery enabling the production o Increase in renewable energy production o Resource wise Central Finland o Strong entrepreneurs in bioeconomy o Locally produced and processed food Meters 2017: - Labor in bioeconomy - Added value in bioeconomy - Companies in bioeconomy - Share of local renewable energy (% of total)