Factsheet: Innovative cities (INKA) Bioeconomy, Jyväskylä

Innovative cities (INKA) Bioeconomy, Jyväskylä

Key Information
The aim of the Innovative Cities program is to generate new business and new companies from high-quality competence, thus creating more jobs. The program is underpinned by close local cooperation and pooling of resources between science, education, companies and the government. The methods used will include new development environments, creating pioneering markets, and national and international cooperation in leveraging expertise. This program support the cities to smart specialization and strengthen the cooperation between the cities and the state, and encourages the actors to international cooperation. Vision: Sustainable bioeconomy solutions are the base for Finland’s wellbeing and competitiveness Jyväskylä has a focus in bio products (especially on fiber based solutions), biomass burning technologies, building and forestry machinery
- Innovative public procurements - Building infrastructure for companies R&D development - Demonstrations and pilot - National bioeconomy brand and new business concepts - sustainable processes and logistics - high added value bioproducts - users and foresight in bioeconomy value chain