Factsheet: Roadmap towards resource wisdom

Roadmap towards resource wisdom

Key Information
The city of Jyväskylä and Finnish independence funds Sitra are launching a joint project “Towards resource wisdom,” to be implemented in 2013– 2015. The aim is to promote wiser use of resources and reduce environmental damage, in cooperation with citizens, companies and communities. In practice, the residents of Jyväskylä will live ecologically sustainable lives, while helping to develop resource-wise approaches for their hometown. Companies will thrive using sustainable approaches and boost their competitiveness through synergies with other companies. Energy-efficiency will improve, emissions will be reduced, local economies will recover and self-sufficiency will increase. Roadmap to resource wisdom is one of the outcomes of this project. It identifies different crucial elements of resource wisdom in city’s perspective and gives guidelines to these subsectors to achieve wise use of resources; one planet living, zero emissions and no waste. This roadmap is integrated to Jyväskylä City strategy 2014-2017. Resource wisdom agreement has longer time perspective, the aims are for year 2050.
Target 2050 Energy & Transport: fossil-free and carbon neutral energy production and transport Wastes: sustainable utilization of pristine raw materials and maximal use of recycled materials Food: One planet living ideology; production and consumption of food creates well-being, health and work Water: Water is an important business and brings wellbeing and incomes, especially from export Sustainable communities: Region is vital and attractive both for business and for citizens.