Factsheet: Center of Expertise Biobased Economy

Center of Expertise Biobased Economy

Key Information
Avans Hogeschool en HZ University of Applied Sciences are the operators of the Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy (CoE BBE), which is offically recognised by the Dutch Government of Education (OC&W). In the CoE BBE entrepreneurs, scientist, lecturers and students are working together to stimulate knowledge, education and research on the biobased ecnomy. The CoE BBE have three pillars: - Education Educating new and existing professionals for the bio based economy. Enhancing current curricula with bio based modules - Applied Research Among others: Initiating applied research for the bio based economy. For this purpose there are three lectors: bio based products, bio based energy and bio based building - Knowledge center Coordinating and registering the connection between supply and demand for biobased knowledge. http://www.avans.nl/onderzoek/expertisecentra/inleiding/centre-of-expertise-biobased-economy
Education professionals, stimulating applied research and establishing a knowledge center