Factsheet: Diversification to non-agricultural activities (RDP, Measure 311)

Diversification to non-agricultural activities (RDP, Measure 311)

Key Information
The measure is a part of the Rural Development Programme of Slovenia 2007-2013 (hereinafter RDP). It is intended to create the conditions and opportunities for job creation and realization of investments on supplementary activities on farm households. RDP defines the following eligible purposes of investments: 1) production activities related to traditional knowledge (crafts) on the farm; 2) production activities associated with the processing of products outside Annex I to the Treaty and other non-agricultural products at the farm; 3) production of energy from renewable sources at the farm; 4) farm-gate sales outlets 5) social services performed on-farm (tourism, childcare, care of the elderly, care of the handicapped, etc.). 6) investment for biogas production using organic waste; 7) investments for processing biomass for renewable energy; 8) investment for infrastructure for renewable energy from biomass and other renewable energy sources. Until 31/12/2013, 314 investment projects were supported, eligible for 31.287 m€ of public funding. 60% of projects refer to tourist facilities, followed by 26% of projects referring to renewable energy.
The measure is primarily intended to support investments that are necessary for the commencement of supplementary activities on farm, or to update and modernize the existing non-agricultural activities.

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