Factsheet: Development Centres of Slovene Economy (DCSE)

Development Centres of Slovene Economy (DCSE)

Key Information
The purpose of the measure DCSE was to encourage the establishment and operation of development centers of the Slovenian economy for the long-term development in content areas - ie. support for projects involving both development work and the necessary equipment and other infrastructure that enables the development of enterprises, their competencies and long-term foundations for growth and development economy and will allow technological breakthroughs in the areas where Slovenia already exists a critical mass of skills. Based on the quality of individual applications and resources available, 17 projects were co-financed (source: OP Development of Regional Development potentials 2007-2013), total value of supported projects amounting to € 425,483,576. The following eligible activities were supported: (i) R&D activities; (ii) Investment in machinery and equipment, building and non-productive investments; (iii) investment in production equipment. About 51% of support was allocated to sectors/products that - at least potentially - relate to bioeconomy (28% new materials; 14% processing of wood; 9% biotechnology). The measure was promoting itself as 'The financial foundation for development of green technologies'.
The measure highlighted the following goals: (i) increase investment in research and development; (ii) strengthening the competencies of members and wider environments; (iii) achieve a critical mass of knowledge and capital for global competitiveness; (iv) achieve synergies between the partners on common areas of activity; (v)focus on strategic development in key industries that are consistent with the definition of Horizon 2020; (vi) compliance with the Key Enabling Technologies of the European Union; (vii) the employment of highly qualified personnel; (viii) good practices of public-private partnerships.