Factsheet: Austrian Agri-environmental Programme (ÖPUL)

Austrian Agri-environmental Programme (ÖPUL)

Key Information
Unlike some other EU countries which apply their environmental programmes only in specific, environmentally sensitive areas, Austria chose an integral, horizontal approach for ÖPUL which aims at the participation of Austrian farmers all over the country. In 2012 526 million euro were paid to 11,200 holdings for 2.2 million hectares under the programme. Around 110,200 farms, i.e. 74.6% of all agricultural holdings, which manage 89% of the utilised agricultural area, participate in ÖPUL. This high participation rate in the Agri-environmental Programme puts Austria first among the EU Member States. The areas covered by ÖPUL (not including pastures) account for approximately 2.20 million hectares. The average aid provided amounted to 4,800 euros per holding.
Stimulate the introduction or maintain production methods that are compatible with the protection and improvement of the environment, the landscape and the rural habitat, the natural resources, the soil and genetic diversity.