Factsheet: Green electricity feed-in tariff regulation (ÖSET)

Green electricity feed-in tariff regulation (ÖSET)

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Feed-in tarifs for green power from solid, liquid and gaseous fuels. Recent feed-in tariffs for renewable electricity has been determined by end of 2015 by the Federal Ministry for Economics, Family and Youth (ÖSET-VO 2016). Tariffs for bioenergy range from approx. 8.22 cent/kWh to 22.22 cent/kWh, depending on the plant type, biomass used and overall efficiency. For plants using waste material (e.g. wood residues, biogenic waste), tariffs are reduced by 20 % (e.g. sawdust) to 40 % (e.g. wood waste from particle board).
regulation of feed-in tariffs for green electricity

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