Factsheet: Green electricity feed-in tariff regulation (ÖSET)

Green electricity feed-in tariff regulation (ÖSET)

Key Information
Feed-in tarifs for green power from solid, liquid and gaseous fuels. Feed-in tariffs for renewable electricity were determined in Sept. 2012 by the Federal Ministry for Economics, Family and Youth (ÖSET-VO 2012). Tariffs for bioenergy range from approx. 5 cent/kWh to 19.50 cent/kWh, depending on the plant type, biomass used and overall efficiency (in the case of small scale CHP plants up to 0.5 MW based on solid wood only). For plants using waste material (e.g. wood residues, biogenic waste), tariffs are reduced by 20 % (e.g. sawdust) to 40 % (e.g. wood waste from particle board). In December 2013 an amendment to the regulation was made, reducing tariffs for bioenergy plants by 1 % p.a.
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