Factsheet: Biofuel quota

Biofuel quota

Key Information
Law No. 3054/2002 defines rules for the oil market in Greece. It obliges producers and distributors of petrol and diesel to blend their fuels with a certain amount "quota" of biofuels. The mandatory quota is specified in the distribution scheme, which is reviewed every year. The quota obligation applies to companies which have a Biofuels Production Unit Operating Licence and to distributors that possess a Biofuels Distribution Licence. Apart from that, distributors must also possess the necessary storage facilities. The amount of biodiesel distributed (i.e. blended in) is set at 92,000 kilolitres in 2013 (FEK B 335/2013). If a provider fails to fulfil the quota, he will be punished with a fine or by revocation of its participation to the quota distribution scheme of the present year or even subsequent years.
Setting out a minimum share of biofuels

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