Factsheet: Energy law

Energy law

Key Information
In Poland, the main incentive for renewable energy use is a quota system in terms of a quota obligation, which is combined with a certificate trading scheme. Plant operators producing electricity using renewable energy sources receive 1 Green Certificate (certificate of origin) per 1 MWh of generated electricity. The Energy Law obliges some industrial customers, electricity generators, electricity suppliers, end-users who are members of the commodity exchange, commodity brokerage houses or brokerage houses to meet a certain quota of green certificates (certificates of origin). As an alternative, the companies may pay a fee. Satisfying neither of these obligations carries a penalty. Electricity producers may also sell their electricity on the market or offer it to an electricity supplier at last year's market price. Operators of micro-installations (installations using renewable energy sources with a capacity up to 40 kW, who decide to sell their generated electricity to an electricity supplier receive only 80% of last year's market price.
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