Factsheet: Biofuel specifications

Biofuel specifications

Key Information
Royal Decree 1088/2010 transposed the Directive 2009/30 (FQD) into national regulation and increased accordingly the biodiesel content allowed in diesel from 5% to 7% and the bioethanol content permitted in gasoline from 5% to 10%. In the case of gasoline blends, in order to protect the oldest vehicles that are not prepared to operate on higher bioethanol contents, Royal Decree 1088/2010 established that until December 31, 2013, supply of at least the lowest octane index gasoline with less than 5 percent bioethanol in terms of volume, and less than 2.7 percent of oxygen in terms of mass should be granted in all filling stations. This type of gasoline is known as so-called "protective petrol". Order IET/2458/2013 has extended the deadline of that obligation until December 31, 2016.
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