Factsheet: Guarantee of origin for RE and CHP

Guarantee of origin for RE and CHP

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Ministerial Order ITC/1522/2007 establishes a mechanism to make account entries on the National Markets and Competition Commission web page (similar to a public register), where, voluntarily,electricity producers which use renewable energy sources or high-efficiency cogeneration can voluntarily request registration of the guarantees of origin applicable to them. The NMCC verifies the information available in the permits, special rate system invoices and electrical computations beforehand in order to ensure that the descriptions are authentic. Producers can request that the guarantee certificates in their possession be transferred to power companies, so that the latter, once the guarantees are transferred to them, can settle them in the supply to their consumers, with a prior verification of the electrical consumption measurements. The entire system is subject to the final results of the NMCEC inspections. As a result of the Guarantee of Origin and Labelling System for Electricity , the NMCC publishes an electricity label each year for each power company. These labels are easy to interpret, and indicate the mix of energy sources that produced the energy provided by each power company during the previous year and its associated environmental impact. The Guarantee of Origin and Labelling for Electricity System endeavours to inform consumers on the origin of the energy consumed and the associated environmental impact. By means of the Guarantee of Origin and Labelling System for Electricity, it is possible to guarantee the origin of electrical energy produced from renewable energy sources or through high efficiency systems, determine the overall mix of primary energies that are used annually to produce electricity, and know the combination of energy traded during the previous year by each company, as well as its associated environmental impacts (electricity labelling).
Guarantee of origin of renewable electricity

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