Titlesort descending Country/Region Rule Type Sector/Topic targeted
IBB Netzwerk GmbH BAYERN Research, development and deployment, Platform, Publicity Campaigns Biotechnology
Interreg IVB Utrecht, BELGIUM (BELGIQUE-BELGIË), GERMANY (DEUTSCHLAND), ENGLAND, IRELAND, LUXEMBOURG Economic/financial instruments Agriculture, Industry, enterprise and commerce, Products
KfW Renewable energy programme premium GERMANY (DEUTSCHLAND) Investment Subsidies, Loans Economy, Energy
Market premium GERMANY (DEUTSCHLAND) Premium Energy
Munich Biotech Cluster M4 BAYERN Research, development and deployment, Platform Clustering, co-operation and networking, Industry, enterprise and commerce, Products, Research and Innovation
National biomass action plan for Germany GERMANY (DEUTSCHLAND) Agriculture, Climate, Communication and information, Development (regional, rural, urban,...), Education, training and human rersource development, Energy, Environment (soil, water, air, nature, biodiversity,...), Forestry, Products, Research and Innovation, Support and advisory, Waste
National Forest Act (BWaldG) GERMANY (DEUTSCHLAND) Requirements, Standards (Binding), Permitting Forestry
National Policy Strategy on Bioeconomy GERMANY (DEUTSCHLAND) Action Plans Communication and information
National Research Strategy bioeconomy 2030 GERMANY (DEUTSCHLAND) Action Plans Research and Innovation
Netzwerk Forst & Holz BAYERN Voluntary Agreements, Subsidies Communication and information, Economy, Energy, Forestry, Public sector, Support and advisory