Titlesort ascending Country/Region Rule Type Sector/Topic targeted
Wilderness Act FINLAND (SUOMI) Requirements, Guidelines Environment (soil, water, air, nature, biodiversity,...)
Water Acts FINLAND (SUOMI) Requirements Environment (soil, water, air, nature, biodiversity,...)
Waste act FINLAND (SUOMI) Requirements, Permitting Waste
Transport 2030 FINLAND (SUOMI) Strategies Mobility, transport and logistics
Timber Measurement Act FINLAND (SUOMI) Requirements Forestry
Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region SWEDEN (SVERIGE), DENMARK (DANMARK), ESTONIA (EESTI), FINLAND (SUOMI), GERMANY (DEUTSCHLAND), LATVIA (LATVIJA), LITHUANIA (LIETUVA), POLAND (POLSKA) Strategies, Action Plans Clustering, co-operation and networking, Communication and information, Development (regional, rural, urban,...), Environment (soil, water, air, nature, biodiversity,...), Research and Innovation
Strategy for rural area development in Central Finland 2014-2020 Keski-Suomi Economic/financial instruments Agriculture, Clustering, co-operation and networking, Development (regional, rural, urban,...), Economy, Employment, Forestry, Support and advisory
Small diameter trees energy subsidy FINLAND (SUOMI) Investment Subsidies Forestry
Roadmap towards resource wisdom Keski-Suomi Strategies Biotechnology, Economy, Energy, Finance, Industry, enterprise and commerce, Infrastructure, Mobility, transport and logistics, Public sector, Research and Innovation, Waste
Regional waste management plan 2010-2016 Keski-Suomi Action Plans Waste


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