Titlesort descending Country/Region Rule Type Sector/Topic targeted
Climate change mitigation and adaptation, Regional Strategy Keski-Suomi Economic/financial instruments, Voluntary (non-binding) initiatives Agriculture, Climate, Development (regional, rural, urban,...), Education, training and human rersource development, Energy, Forestry, Health & public safety, Mobility, transport and logistics, Waste
Climate Protection Action Plan Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Research, development and deployment, Action Plans, R&D Funding Climate, Communication and information, Energy, Environment (soil, water, air, nature, biodiversity,...), Research and Innovation, Support and advisory
Climate Strategy Västra Götalands län Targets Climate, Energy
Co-Finance Wadden Fund Noord-Holland Noord-Holland Economic/financial instruments Agriculture, Energy, Environment (soil, water, air, nature, biodiversity,...), Finance, Fisheries
CO2 Tax on energy products DENMARK (DANMARK) Tax Reduction Taxation and Trade, Energy
Cogeneration PORTUGAL Standards (Binding), Investment Subsidies, Premium Energy
Combined Heat and Power (cogeneration) and Waste Energy Potential UKRAINE (Ukrayina) Requirements Energy
Combined Heat and Power certificates VLAAMS GEWEST Substitution Obligation, Tradable Certificates, Penalty For Non-Compliance Energy
Combined heat and power law AUSTRIA (ÖSTERREICH) Investment Subsidies, Purchase Obligation Energy
CONPET BRAZIL (REPÚBLICA FEDERATIVA DO BRASIL) Training/Education Energy, Mobility, transport and logistics


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